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Friday, 3 February 2012

February 2 Challenge

There will only be two challenges for February. A multiple range of topics is given in this challenge.

home, origin, history, memories of past times, our lifestyle, our lives now, our lives in the future.

Work in any Japanese genre poetry is acceptable.


  1. my friend said
    she saw a flying saucer
    over her house
    in the 1960's
    I wonder where she is now

  2. HOME

    fluffing feathers
    on the park bench
    a sparrow

    I dig into my purse
    for some small change
    The Big Issue

    into the recycle bin
    goes yesterday's newspaper...
    cold night

    a seagull
    outside the cafe
    pecking a cold chip

    underneath the summer moon
    stalled car

  3. Will we live in space

    Will we meet the aliens

    I'll just have a snack

  4. I was adopted

    Pinellas County Shelter

    Used to be my home.

  5. Lake behind my house

    Can't go swimming in that thing

    Alligators there

  6. home again
    with Velveeta cheese
    the long flight over

  7. O hai Mom and Dad

    I like living in this house

    Thanks for adoption

  8. I love you, blankie

    You are white and red or green

    You are soft and warm.

  9. Once I chased my tail
    Then I caught it in my teeth
    Boy, was I surprised

  10. Birdees go chirp chirp

    They live in the tree outside

    Fun to watch them play

  11. bathroom mirror
    a small girl gazes
    into her dreams

  12. the smile of James the pig
    muddy nose prints

  13. stirring white sauce
    with a wooden spoon
    Mum's kitchen

  14. or rather:

    Mum's kitchen
    stirring white sauce
    with a wooden spoon


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