Two Zoom meetings in April

On two consecutive Sunday afternoons, April 19 and 26, we assembled and experimented with holding an online meeting. Attendees on the first occasion were Julia Wakefield, Steve Wigg, Maeve Archibald, Lynette Arden, Dawn Colsey and Margaret Dingle. We decided to have a second meeting as Stella Damarjati couldn’t attend the first one, and we also needed to practise with the technology.

Report on Bindii Meeting of 25 January 2020

Report of January 25 Bindii meeting. Six of us met at the SA State Library for a two-hour discussion and critique session. Members present were Maeve Archibald, Lynette Arden, Stella Damarjati, Margaret Fensom, Julia Wakefield and Steve Wigg. We had apologies from Marilyn Linn, Jane Harris and Dawn Colsey.  Stella led the session with some definitions and examples of wabi and sabi techniques, quoting Jane

New design for Haiku Bindii website

The layout of the Haiku Bindii website has been updated to make it easier to navigate.

Please advise of any problems.

Report on Bindii meeting 26 October 2019

Five of us met at the State Library for a two-hour discussion and critique session. Members present were Julia Wakefield, Maeve Archibald, Dawn Colsey, Steve Wigg and Stella Damarjati. We had a apologies from, Marilyn Linn, Jill Gower, Lynette Arden and Athena Zaknic. Our haiku theme was the one that Echidna Tracks is currently calling for (deadline in 3 days!), that is, previously unpublished haiku and senryu about recreation, relaxation, holidays, sport, hobbies and pastimes.

Report of August 24 Bindii meeting.

Five of us met at the State Library for a two-hour discussion and critique session. Members present were Julia Wakefield, Lynette Arden, Maeve Archibald. We had a apologies from Dawn Colsey, Marilyn Linn, Margaret Fensom, Jill Gower and Athena Zaknic. We had two new potential members, Steve Wigg and Stella Damarjati. Steve drew our attention to the work of Richard Gilbert, who wrote ‘The Disjunctive Dragonfly’ and the poetry of Eve Luckring The theme was senryu, and attendees were asked to bring a definition of the senryu as well as a few examples.We began by introducing ourselves and then went on to discuss the senryu definitions. Julia circulated a definition derived from the Akita International HST network

Changes to Bindii

Owing to low numbers of attendance at regular meetings, we are consulting with members for a new way forward. The group will no longer be meeting at The Box Factory.

Report on Bindii meeting of 1 June 2019

Four members of Bindii (Julia Wakefield, Lynette Arden, Dawn Colsey and Athena Zaknic) met at the Box Factory in Regent St Adelaide at 12.30 pm to share, write and discuss haiku. 

Apologies were received from Maeve Archibald, Sara Sims, Margaret Fensom and Michelle Slattery.
Julia Wakefield had selected haiku from two anthologies and asked members to select their favourites. Members spoke about haiku they particularly liked. Lynette Arden also spoke about several published haiku she had selected, which she thought demonstrated depth and resonance.
Following this, members wrote haiku stimulated by the topic ‘sitting’, using as stimulation verses from a rengay Julia had chosen. These haiku were shared on the whiteboard.
Owing to the small attendance at regular meetings, some changes are being contemplated.
Julia Wakefield will seek members’ ideas so we can decide what format the group wishes to follow in the future, about places, dates and times of meetings.
The meetingconcluded at 2.30 p…