Launch of Haiku Bindii

Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group launched the second issue of their Journal on 25 April 2015. Haiku Bindii Vol. 2 Willow Light was launched by poet Rob Walker.
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Saturday, 6 October 2018

Report on Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group Meeting: 6 October 2018

 Present: Lynette Arden, Margaret Fensom, Athena Zaknic, Roger Higgins, Meirwen Whewell.

Apologies: Lee Bentley, Julia Wakefield, Sara Abend-Sims, Dawn Colsey, Jill Gower.

The meeting started at 12.30 pm. We welcomed new member Meirwen Whewell, who brought an elegant, illustrated book of traditional Japanese haiku to the meeting. This was Meirwen’s first attempt at writing haiku.

Workshop: A few basic techniques for writing haiku (led by Lynette Arden)

1.    The workshop started with a reading of some of Janice Bostok’s haiku from her online resource:
We read the haiku one by one around the circle and then commented individually on the haiku, discussing their meaning and impact.
2.    Four techniques from Jane Reichhold were discussed.

Sunday, 30 September 2018

Bindii October Meeting 2018

The October meeting for Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group will be held at the Box Factory, 59 Regent St Adelaide from 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm on Saturday 6 October.

This will be a workshop meeting. We will look at a few simple techniques for writing haiku and those attending the workshop will have the opportunity to write some haiku using these techniques and to workshop any other work in Japanese genre poetry they bring to the meeting.

Refreshments: cups and hot water are available. Participants must bring their own supplies.

The workshop will be led by Lynette Arden

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Report on Haiku Workshop: 4 August 2018 Meeting

Report on Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group meeting: 4 August 2018

Present: Lynette Arden, Julia Wakefield, Sara Abend-Sims, Margaret Fensom, Dawn Colsey, Maeve Archibald, Roger Higgins.

Apologies: Lee Bentley, Marilyn Linn

Haiku Workshop: Haiku: Beyond the Basics

Lynette Arden presented some ideas to extend us beyond the usual guidelines provided for writing haiku in English.
Japanese thought:
wabi sabi
1.    how it originated
2.    concepts used in haiku
Terms such as yugen and karumi (karumi as discussed by Susumu Tachiguchi (in World Haiku Review)

Martin Lucas in his essay Haiku as poetic spell: argues that haiku in the West has concentrated too much on content and must also look to the poetic element of haiku, as in the value of words and how they are used.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Haiku Beyond the Basics: Meeting of 4 August 2018

The meeting for August 2018 will start with an examination of some aspects of haiku beyond what people commonly consider the 'rules of haiku composition'. Lynette Arden will bring some material to hand out. 
Please bring some haiku examples to share and discuss. Sharing and workshop of members' Japanese genre poetry will follow the discussion.
The meeting in the Box Factory will start at 12.30 and finish at 2.30.