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Report on Haiku Workshop: 4 August 2018 Meeting

Report on Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group meeting: 4 August 2018
Present: Lynette Arden, Julia Wakefield, Sara Abend-Sims, Margaret Fensom, Dawn Colsey, Maeve Archibald, Roger Higgins.
Apologies: Lee Bentley, Marilyn Linn
Haiku Workshop: Haiku: Beyond the Basics
Lynette Arden presented some ideas to extend us beyond the usual guidelines provided for writing haiku in English. Japanese thought: wabi sabi – it originated 2.concepts used in haiku Terms such as yugen and karumi(karumi as discussed by Susumu Tachiguchi(in World Haiku Review)
Martin Lucas in his essay Haiku as poetic spell: argues that haiku in the West has concentrated too much on content and must also look to the poetic element of haiku, as in the value of words and how they are used.