Belinda Broughton

in the shade
of a pepper tree
all in white
the under-twelve cricket team
leans into its pies                        

Grevillea & Wonga Vine: Australian Tanka of Place
Ed Beverley George and David Terelinck

of sweat and cattle dust
my father
akubra in one hand
wild orchids in the other                 

Eucalypt 10, 2011 p.6

the baby gurgles
opens and closes her hands
on nothing
everywhere everyone
is talking about doom                 

 Ribbons Fall 2009: Volume 5, Number 3


traffic lights
all eyes follow
the butterfly

strutting magpie
opening and closing
the supermarket door             

 famous reporter 39, 2009

thrush’s flute song
I lift my head
from Basho’s journey                    

Notes from the Gean Vol 2, issue #4, 2010

monsoon floodwaters
everything rushes down stream
except the snake                  

World Haiku Review January 2011


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