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Challenge 1 for February 2012

any Japanese genre poetry acceptable. Sports past, present and future, in Australia or abroad, at any season or without a season. Even a slang or metaphorical use is acceptable.
Have fun!

Haiku Bindii reviewed

A review of Haiku Bindii Vol 1 Journeys by Patricia Prime, editor of New Zealand appears on the web site of the Australian Haiku Society. The review quotes many examples from the journal.

First Challenge for 2012: Summer

Write in any Japanese poetry genre. You don't have to specifically mention the season in your work. Seasonal references can also include typical human activities for the season. Visiting poets are also welcome to participate.

Poetry posted in the Challenges for November and December 2011 will also be eligible for selection for the next Showcase in February. Poetry can still be posted to those challenges and be eligible for selection.