Lynette Arden

Lynette Arden is a South Australian poet who delights in writing haiku.
She is Co-convener of Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group, Vice President and Webmaster for The Australian Haiku Society.

near Basho’s statue
a hundred tadpoles striving to become frogs

(The haiku above was displayed by the Basho Museum in Tokyo, as one of the three best English language haiku deposited at the museum for 2012.)

king tide
the bay ripples
with jellyfish     
(Presence 44)

an autumn leaf
partners the kitten 

chink in the cloud
a pattern of bare branches
crosses the bus

above two haiku published in Still Heading Out: an Anthology of Australian and New Zealand Haiku

flood debris
a doll’s limb
pale in the seaweed
Windfall 2012

night window
flames in the hearth
pull closer together
Famous Reporter June 2011

crows in the pines
the wind tastes
of yesterday’s rain

first published in FreeXpression  September 2012)

squashed in a rack
flimsy summer dresses

coffee for one
sharing a chat
on the mobile

above two haiku were first published in Writers on Parade 2013


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