Launch of Haiku Bindii

Bindii Japanese Genre Poetry Group launched the second issue of their Journal on 25 April 2015. Haiku Bindii Vol. 2 Willow Light was launched by poet Rob Walker.
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Summer (January 2012)

if I could halt time
this glorious summer
would crown my autumn

from the hakea
the huge slow wingbeats

of a black cockatoo

Cats and Dogs (November Challenge 2, 2011)

morning sunshine
the black dog's shadow
dogs my shadow

two birds caught today
my dog is a murderess
but she has great style

upside down
Barbie clothes in his feet
the foundling magpie

On the Road (November Challenge 2, 2011)

autumn breeze
leaves scurry
across the highway


as if shadowing us

across the endless plain
far-away trees

the long straight road

under the massive sky

our tiny hurtling car

teaching her kid

road savvy

the nanny goat

through the windscreen

broken onto our laps

the wedgetail eagle

Confectionery (November Challenge 1, 2011)

melting down the cone
'why is my ice-cream dying?'
says the two year old

at the corner shop
buying Mum's cigarettes
above my head
colourful longing
in the lolly jars


1. Gardens

Belinda said...
forget me nots
in his garden
I should have guessed
the outcome

athena said...
perfumed lillies
you wore in your hair
now add to my pain 

Alex Ask said...

the next day
ten more white lilies
in the bed
amongst the green
of yesterday's lust

Belinda said...

secreting cuttings
into her handbag
my mother

Margaret Rawlinson said...

rose bloom
ignores the symmetry
of the garden
inviting me to smile
at its disobedience

2. Work

Belinda said...

'say thank you'
says her mother
but thank you
was in the child's eyes
for the toy-maker

athena said...

sitting by the window
she is humming softly
the baby smiles in her sleep

Belinda said...

lying back
gazing at the sky's
drifting clouds
this very difficult
poet's work

3. Love

athena said...

your livered hand
grasps mine
as night shadows us
no need for utterances
the evening star is winking

athena said...

in the kitchen
in her frilly apron
my mother
veiled in herb aromas
stirring love in a pot

Belinda said...

a rush
of heart and regret
the scent of his scarf

Diamond said...
at the bottom
of the ripped letter

4. Rain

Black Dog Gallery said...

in between storms
the rainbow in the river
shakes hands with the sky

Belinda said...

puffs of red
rise from the bull dust
first raindrops

Diamond said...

a willow stirs
raindrop circles
old pond


1. Birds

Maeve Archibald said... 

bell birds
I hear the music
of early matins

green feather
rolling over and over
the growl of traffic
Margaret R said...

fairy wren
at the birdbath
her leg black and blue

Belinda said...
Chicken Hawk
(Australian Little Falcon)

At the bottom of its slice of flight, was the chook yard fence.

in corners
the hens flap
their birdbrains

The chicken hawk lies like a crumpled rag but, apart from the minor inconvenience of being dead, looks absolutely perfect, every feather in place, the spread of the wing, the tail, the overlapping geometry of charcoal and ochre. Its feet, its talons, such wiry power in them, such strength, the weapons of a hunting machine. Its head lolls in my hand, broken necked, the blades of its beak slightly ajar.

through the wire
the hens’ curiosity
sharp eyes

But looking into the falcon’s eyes, for the world, they look alive, so bright and alert. Gazing into them: a whirlpool of intelligence, of awareness. Deep, deep space down there and on the surface, my reflected fear.

among bones and stones
one hen
pecks another
Belinda said...
on tiptoes
the long bare legs
in a miniskirt
'nice sunglasses'
says my father

the shell from the chick
a child's hands

2. Breakfast
athena said...
a warm rug
around your knees
I bring you
breakfast in the garden
never mind about mine

3. Spring
Diamond said...

half a moon
all the bluebells

the high sweet note
of rosellas
brief conversation
Alex Ask said...
roof rustle
two lorikeets
making out on the batts

warm breeze
grevillea tentacles
reaching out

red sand
kangaroo prints
weave desert peas

4. Banquet

 Belinda said...

on the earth
beneath the weed pile
a banquet
of lizards, beetles, grubs
the thrush sings about it

August Challenges

Challenge 4: Fire
Alex Ask said...
an edge of cold
in the afternoon air
of late winter
hanging on your reply
each day the postman calls
lynette said...
from the postbox
a tendril of smoke
divorce papers

Belinda said...

months after the fire
waking to moonlight
flickering red

summer's day
reading the northerly
with my nose

cold night
my feet in the sand
under the campfire

Challenge 3: Poverty
Belinda said...
In the mall
fishing for bottles
the old man
his back-lit hair
like a halo, glowing
lee said...
feet shuffle
in the queue
yesterday's bread

Alex Ask said...
old lady's laugh
bellows from
the shabby bungalow
drowning out the ring
of my iphone 4

Margaret R said...

luxury hotel
a wretched shanty rests
in its shadow

Alex Ask said...
 the blue naked flame
under a heavy pot
of a mire poux -
appetite of mixed signals
when you look at me

Diamond said...
stray cat
even the bag lady
guitar case open
the busker shows
a hint of silver