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Thursday, 24 November 2011

November Challenge 4 'Dreams and Nightmares'

Dreams and Nightmares. You choose. Any Japanese genre poetry welcome.


  1. Dream about Something

    My editor has grown old. Any minute now he’ll die and I’ll be on my own with my confusion and my ego.
    There is a midget in this dream. he propositions me for sex. I say I am sorely tempted but I’m not. I just love him.
    I am running, I don’t want to stop. I love the feeling of it, the rhythm of my feet on the ground, the effortlessness of it. It’s like when I was a child, before my body became earthbound.
    I can hear officials talking. They say my editor has murdered someone. I don’t believe it. They say they will pick him up in the morning. Should I warn him? Is he dangerous?
    I want to go home now. I have forgotten to feed my dog. This priest will help me, just as soon as we get all the sleeping children out of her car.

    to the simple darkness
    my heartbeat

  2. Dream (The Trouble with Grass)

    The inspirational preacher says, “Go outside and eat grass seeds and say, ‘I eat my Mother’s body.’” People are in the meadow shoving prickly grass heads into their mouths like punishment. Sweet Mother, this is meant to be a celebration.

    chewing on
    a stem of couch grass
    sweet juice

    Wanting to give this nectar to my Darling, I pick one but in my hand, it becomes a give-way sign and he is offended that I should bring up his ex wife like that. I say, “It is only a grass stalk!” but he storms off and when he comes back I can’t give him the opportunity to apologise because I am a butterfly.

    standing alone
    apart from the crowd
    his heart

  3. in the night
    a finger slides down my back
    hypnogogic ice

    sliding dangerously
    in the first dreams of sleep
    I open my eyes
    to the soft warm blanket
    of night-time darkness

  4. Tetris Effect all night haiku and page scrolling

    (The Tetris effect occurs when people devote sufficient time and attention to an activity that it begins to overshadow their thoughts, mental images, and dreams. It is named after the video game Tetris. Wikipedia)
    I posted this on NaHaiWriMo in January 2012


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