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Monday, 31 October 2011

November Challenge 1 confectionary

Confectionary, delicacies of all sorts, sweet to the taste. Any Japanese genre poetry acceptable. South Australian regional delicacies may tempt a special mention.


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  2. 'Happy Birthd…'
    on the candled cake
    'a' and 'y'
    are in the smug fist
    of the two year old

    sweet things:
    kisses from my granddaughter
    and my sticky cheek

    melting down the cone
    'why is my ice-cream dying?'
    says the two year old

  3. the black jelly beans
    always went first
    our achievements
    recall the sweet taste
    of our student days

  4. blowing bubbles
    with coloured chewing gum
    fun for just one penny

  5. Haigh's chocolates
    within my reach
    salary increase

  6. the childhood aroma
    of red indian
    stuck to my mouth
    the simple adult pleasures
    difficult to admit in full

  7. at the corner shop
    buying Mum's cigarettes
    above my head
    colourful longing
    in the lolly jars


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