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Monday, 1 August 2011

August Challenge 1

Write in any genre of Japanese poetry on Journey. Real or imagined, in the broadest sense of the word.


  1. one for the road
    moons swaying
    in a wine glass


    one for the road
    the moon swaying
    in a wine glass

  2. dog walk
    each step he completes
    with enthusiasm

  3. pale hues
    of a winter sunset
    over the sea
    painting the scene
    of colonial boat people

  4. Granite Island Haibun

    A long walk across the causeway to the peaceful refuge of Granite Island

    Rocky nests
    Crested birds cresting
    Granite boulders

    Men with rods fish while birds fly overhead and seals frolic by the breakwater

    A fisher
    Pulls his catch from the sea
    The seal bites his fish

    I walk to the far side of the island where I sit under cloudy skies watching the sea

    Water fountains
    Spouting between cresting waves
    Breaching whales

    I slow my breathing in and out in sync with the crashing of the waves on rocks

    The wind blows
    Whistling between the rocks
    Nature’s orchestra

    My mind is calm, my heart beats slowly and my body feels the tension leave me

    The rhythm of life
    My heart beats
    On my eardrums

    I rise slowly to begin the walk from crashing waves back to my noisy house

    I walk along
    The winding trail
    A rocky path


    Mountain Trails Haibun

    I hike along trails through the forests of the valleys
    Arriving at a lake backed by snow-capped mountains

    Tall trees and peaks
    Tall trees and peaks

    In awe of the beauty of the mountains in the distance
    I stand by the lake skipping flat stones across the surface

    Still trees
    A mirror image
    Waves at my feet

    Food cooks on a fire as smoke spirals skywards
    While clouds set in over snow-capped peaks

    Three shades of grey
    A thin snake joins cloud caps
    To my frosty breath

    Lying in the tent next to the lake I gaze through the open flap
    At a night sky dotted by thousands of bright stars

    Two full moons light up
    Mountain peaks and forests
    Which way is up?

    I wake in the morning to a sea of icy dew covering every surface
    Except the lake reflecting the many shades of winter


    Chaos And Calm Haibun

    The chaos in my life, selling one house, buying another, managing finances, unmanaging funds, dropping shares, raising cash, the thrill of a successful bid, the fear of change, the future, the unknown is threatening to overwhelm me and I retreat to my place of peace and tranquility

    flowers reflecting

    I control my breathing and my hands that have been shaking, but my thoughts have a mind of their own. I close my eyes and think only of this place

    garden sprays
    and cascades


    I journey to another time and place with water and nature all around me, my Kakadu holiday returning me to a peace of my past

    the cliff falls
    a long drop into

    a billabong

    My breathing calm, my thoughts no longer racing, I open my eyes and have a great idea for a feature in the garden of my new home

  5. saturday night
    embracing a fur jacket
    against the storm
    rain sheets
    of sober humility

  6. beach footprints
    melting the sun
    wave after relentless wave

  7. Correction to last Haiku:

    beach footprints
    melting in the sun
    wave after relentless wave


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